Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Home -

Have a lot more pictures I'll be putting up in the next week or so, adding in where we have stuff, but didn't have tome to put it up.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

in the Taxi

On the way to the airport

Last dinner in europe

Flight tomorrow @ 8:30am

British Museum

A slideshow from the British Museum

The british Museum

There was an awesome British Museum in England that we went to today(our last day).There were all kinds of figurines and armor. There was a crocidile skin suit of armor, a samurai suit of a armor, an iron greek suit of armor, and even a crystal skull. I got dumplings. IT IS THE BEST MUSEUM IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

English breakfast

On Cromwell road, off to see the Elgin Marbles today.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Notré Dame Cathedral

I went to Notré Dame Cathedral.It was my favorite place. I loved it there. I especially Liked the GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!! They were awesome! I climbed to the second to last floor. it was tiring but totally worth it! On every floor there was a bird GARGOYLE. They were the main GARGOYLES. It was so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Various Horrors of Extremely Long Car Trips

The car ride was highly not fun. Not the one yesterday, and not the one today. Yesterday, the A4 was closed, all trucks were being searched, and there was at least one, possibly two, car accidents. We must have passed and been passed by at least 40 police cars and ambulances. We had to take detours through multiple tiny French towns. We started going to Luxembourg in places, and for a while were going back the way we came. We finally begin to understand the inspiration for the movie “Weekend,” during which a family is just in these constant traffic jams as they go throughout Europe, and start passing things like flaming wreckage but are so sick of being in the car they don’t even pause to look. We stopped at a hotel that was part of a European chain called Mercure, (this particular on was the Reims Mercure) and was the most bizarre hotel you ever did see. The walls were a sort of sparkly purple, the places where it wasn’t like that were black wall panels on hinges (?!), and it was just sort of generally unpleasant. I’d rather be in the one-man fishing hut of previous posts. With three other people. Today, the A4 was closed again, and when we finally reached Paris, we couldn’t for the life of us find the Hertz rental car drop-off. We finally figured out that it was in an underground parking place, and promptly went in. The signs kept taking us lower and lower, until we finally reached what my father rather aptly titled the “Sixth Ring of Hell.” Then we discovered that the elevator didn’t work, and thought we would have to walk up to the Hertz office, which was all the way back up on the first floor. Fortunately, we raised enough of a fuss that the staff person on our level took us and our luggage up in his car. Mom was just about sitting on me, Jonah was riding on Dad’s lap, and every time we went around a curve, the two of them nearly fell out of the car. Needless to say, the Hertz person in the office was met with my father’s boundless fury. Somehow, he managed to continue to be civil. My breakfast was some hot chocolate from one of those shops that are always at gas stations and a piece of pain au chocolat, had at lunchtime. My lunch is (I’m still consuming it) some little tomatoes, balls of mozzarella and noodles from a salad, and three bags of Lay’s potato chips, had shortly after what was sort of lunchtime. Words cannot describe the horrors of the past few days. As for what happened in Reims, well, if we hadn’t been there, Daddy would have punched the waiter. Up until this point, however, the trip has been fun.

We've come up the chunnel

Writing computer posts.

Embarquement prevu

Á 14h53

Gare du nord

Dropped car off

It's a story. Kids'll have to write about it.

@ the bonjour

Rest stop outside Paris.

Dead stop on tha A4

Monday, June 30, 2008

Reims Cathedral

The Cathedral is spectacular. There are stained glass windows by Marc Chagall and other contemporary artists inside.

Last night in France

We are in Rheims tonight.
Had a crazy drive in to the city.
All was fine until we got n the A4 in France, and we encountered two complete closings of the road. One just west of Strasbourg, which was about a one hour delay, and then again, at St. Avold, where we left the highway and went ont to another rout. Added about three hours total onto an already long drive.

In Rheims we went and saw the cathedral, it is magnificent. But walking around the city tonight reinforced my feelings about France in general. There is Paris, and then all the rest. It just doesn't seem worth leaving.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Munich tunnel

Tomorrow's Drive

We are officially starting the trip home tomorrow. We have gone as far as we can east, was far as Salzburg and tomorrow head back to France.

One night in Reims, then onto Paris and the Eurostar to London the next day.


There are amazing things at the playgrounds here including:
Tarzan Vines
Spinning Plates
Eiffel Tower Webs

There were playgrounds at:
Luxenburg Gardens

They are AWESOME!!!!

There were parts where Leah Pushed Me on the vines and I fell off. I called that part action and drama theatre.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

More hops.hodare

From the Salzburg Castle

@ hohensalzburg

We are joining in the hops.hodåre festival here atop Salzburg.


No juden here now though...

Cafe Konditorei, Salzburg

Tasse Schokolade, Orangensaft frisch gepresst, hauskaffee, pastries...

The many animals of Austria

Many Austrian animals were encountered. We met multiple herds of cows.  There were these quite pretty cows shading from brown to a light brownish-gray, as well as many with these splotches of dark brown with white tails and backs. They all actually do wear cowbells! Now we know where those got their names. On the way to the restaurant shack fifteen minutes down the road, we met a group of hikers being followed by a herd of goats. These goats stopped to meet us, and when the hikers moved on, the goats decided to follow us instead (we were going the other way). There were two or three white goats with horns, including the first one, a very friendly one, that came to inspect us, and also a brown mama goat with three brown babies. After a while, we passed by the restaurant cabin, and discovered that it was also the farm where the goats live. They also have those stereotypical pink curly-tailed pigs, and a mother bunny and two baby bunnies, and two guinea pigs. And cows. This morning we stopped to admire the Hintersee (or something like that) and met some horses. Of course, when we stopped to pet them, Jonah got bitten (he's okay), and one tried to follow Daddy back to the car. There were also many ducks that looked just like mallards, and three utterly adorable ducklings. Wow. Lots of animals. Oddly enough, the only wild animals we saw were the ducks. Everything else was domesticated. Except the flies.

From Mittersill to Salzburg

We took the scenic route after visiting the Hintersee south of the Mittersill.

It was a beautiful drive after seeing the Hintersee - pics to come.