Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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mikekimmatt said...

Jonah, did you go to Le Centre Pompidou? What is your favorite part of your trip so far? I went caving. I am on vacation, too.

edna said...

I love your scarf, Leah. Is that something you got in Paris? It looks chique even when schlepping suitcases in a train station.

Leah said...

I actually got it in Austria- next best thing. I got two of them, and Mom got one too, all for what one would cost in Paris. I have a ruffly blue one and a really beautiful purple-and-silver one. Mom has a very nice gray silk one.

Jonah Wallach said...

I went to Le Centre Pompidou but the inside was closed.I saw the outside though. Doesn't it look like something from Mario Brothers?My favorite place was Notre Dame. I will make a post about it. Were did you go on Vacation, Matthew?

mikekimmatt said...

Well Jonah, I went to Carter Caves in kentucky, and Smith Mt. Lake in Virginia.

Where will you be for 4th of July?

It really is too bad that you didn't get to go into the pompidou center. There is a work of art in there called
Jardin d'hiver(the winter garden).Or should I say a work of cave.? It's basically a room with black-and-white lines in it.

We didn't get to climb notre dame when we were there.
P.S. Did you know that notre dame means our lady

P.P.S.S. I hope you have fun on your trip! Bye!

Jonah Wallach said...

I will be in Chicago for the 4th of July.