Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dinner at Cafe Marco Polo

Steak frites for the boys, Pizza Marguerite with Nutella Crepe for dessert for the girls.


mw (DWSUWF) said...

Ahhhh - French cuisine at its finest.

Not sure how much time you'll have in Paris, but if you can fit it in, the kids would love this.

In particular, check out the "mystery trail" in the left sidebar.

Mom and Dad would enjoy it too. Sigrid and I loved the museum.

edna said...

Another test to find out if my comments are accepted.

tris said...

Looks like the diners are very happy and WELL dressed, in spite of the disappearance of the suitcases. Did they ever make it?
If not, did you go shopping?
We love Jonah's and Leah's notes and hope to read some more and see some more picdtures.
Saba and Savta

Leah said...

no, our suitcases still haven't arrivd. I went and bought an awesome new outfit. Mommy tried to buy things a couple of times but she kept having breakdowns because:
a) she hated nearly everything in the store
b) she discovered that apparently, there are no department stores in paris where one can buy 100% cotton underwear.
c) a T-shirt costs $150.