Saturday, June 21, 2008


Against all the odds, it has happened! I never thought it would, but it did. Our suitcases have arrived! As I speak, I am actually wearing something other the the two outfits that weren't in my suitcase!!! My mother is rejoicing over her 100% cotton white underwear. As soon as we had confirmed that these were, indeed, our suitcases, church bells began to ring. We went to Sacre-Couer, and were met with celebration and music. Mom promptly declared it to be "Suitcasemas" and said that all of Paris was celebrating the arrival of our luggage. It's actually the summer solstice. It is celebrated here with great fervor. The entire city comes and listens to people of varying degrees of ability try to play music. And watches the sunset.Of course, this goes on past midnight, so now I'm lying awake listening to someone play rock music almost right outside my window. I can't close it, it's too hot. Ugh.


tris said...

Hooray for the feast of Suitcasemas! What a great way to celebrate Solstice.
It sounds like you are getting around to all our favorite places - the Picasso museum at the Marais, the Musee d"Orsay, the Eifel Tower and more.. Do you use the Metro? Have you had a chance to speak French?
We are waiting to hear from Jonah as well.
Saba and Savta

Leah said...

yeah, we've spoken French to waiters and store-counter-people. We've gone everywhere on the Metro, which is really something Chicago should have.

Alice said...

oooh have you freaked anybody out yet by speaking rapid english? i would