Friday, June 27, 2008

In Austria

Tuesday we drove to Austria.
We are in the town of Mittersel, but yesterday spent the night in the Krimmler Ach valley in a fishing hut.
This is our hut.

This was the inside of our hut.

Jonah and Leah reading on a rock in the back yard of the hut.

We climbed up the valley to look at the waterfalls.

This is the view of the valley from near the cliff edges.

These are the heroic climbers.

There were many waterfalls in the valley - this is the valley above Europes highest waterfall.

Yes, there were fish to be had at the fishing hut.

our hut is off in the distance.

-more soon


Alice said...

awesome! that's a pretty cute fishi
Also i officially distinguished austria from australia
but it would still be cool if there were wombats there

tris said...

Leah and Jonah look like they are rehearsing for "The Sound of Music".

Leah said...

hihi walicybob. I met some awesome animals here- no wombats but piggies and horses and other stuffs. Jonah has had many horrible occurrences involving random things. Will post about it.
Also- if u havn't already, do another paragraph 4 the story. I have some great ideas!